Taqueria: taco mania!

You’ve heard about MJo’s Mexican food obsession.  And after our last disappointing experience, we decided that we would be more stringent with our restaurant selection.  This time, Taqueria 1) was actually recommended by an actual Mexican person (we have only met one in London so far so a sample size of 1 will have to suffice) and 2) makes their own tacos on-site.  So the leading indicators were good…

…we also decided we would be more rigorous in sampling the food to ensure we deliver an accurate report to you, dear reader.  So that’s how we ended up working through at least half the menu (and it was quite a long one!).  Taco mania at its best!  Well actually, the tacos were so yummy we couldn’t help ordering more…and more…and more!



(Clockwise from top left: Pollo Barracho, Pescado, Chorizo Mexicano, Carnitas)

Our favourites?  Pollo Borracho, Pescado, Carnitas, Chorizo Mexicano, Carne Asada (in that order)…and in fact Pollo Borracho is so way up there, we ordered seconds and we would recommend it to you too.  Overall, the taco fillings were fresh, well-seasoned and generous (again reference our recent experience at La Bodega Negra…).

And of course, we wouldn’t have left the place without sampling their margaritas….again for completeness, we tried the maracuya and sandia flavours as well as an additional coconut cocktail.  Refreshing, yummy and let’s just say we left as very merry (some say tipsy) customers.  Only grouse would be that the drinks are a little expensive at £7-ish each, given its location in not-quite-Notting Hill.

Maracuya margarita

Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Good for: Date night, dinner with friends
Special deals: Cheap margaritas on Thurs + half price tacos between 5-7pm on Mon-Thurs

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