Foodie postcard: lunch with a view in Ravello, Italy

It all started with “Wine and Drugs” which, if you know me, I can resist everything but temptation.  A friendly shopkeeper pouring generous gulps of wine for tasting, some really good wine later, I’d fallen for the scam and ended up buying a very overpriced bottle of grappa, albeit a really good one.  (Seems like I was not the only one…)  Having said that, he redeemed himself to some extent by sending us to a great restaurant.

Da Salvatore, was the perfect spot for a lazy late lunch, not that we could have gone far after all the wine we tasted.


It wasn’t a traditional trattoria, though it was run by a bald and sharply-dressed Italian man called Pino. The food was hearty with a light touch.  Gnocchi, not done well, can be dense and heavy, but this one was ethereally light as air.  The accompaniments (smoked bacon and braised ox cheek), again could have been too rich but were contrasted by citrus elements (lemon cream and candied orange peel) reflecting the traditional ingredients of the region.


Stuffed gnocchi with anchovy cream, broad beans, smoked bacon and lemon cream


Ricotta gnochetti studded with candied orange peel with braised ox cheek in chocolate sauce

Take it from this tummy, when you’re in Ravello, DO go to Wine and Drugs, DO NOT buy anything from the store and DEFINITELY DO go to Da Salvatore.

Other tips for the Amalfi Coast:

EAT: Il Pino in Praino; Cumpa Cosimo in Ravello (as our friends put it, “Very funny lady who probably will keep feeding MJo pasta until he drops. Very authentic and nice place”); Delfino in Sorrento (the seafood risotto here is extremely generous with the seafood)
STAY: La Minervetta in Sorrento – gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous boutique design hotel in Sorrento; Punta Civita in Ravello/Amalfi) – charming little B&B with a stunning view

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