Foodie postcard: Goulston Street Market, East London

I was recently spending a fair amount of time around Aldgate for work.  Now you will have realised from the proliferation of reviews of restaurants in West and Central London, that I am a West Londoner.  I occasionally venture to the East – who can say no to the lamb chops at Tayyabs – working around Aldgate would give me a proper chance to sample the best of the East!

After a depressing few days getting lunch from Pret, I stumbled upon Goulston Street Market which seemed to be a popular lunch spot amongst the City workers.  Basically a street food market, without the hipness or Twitter presence of Eat Street, it is a great spot for getting a tasty and filling lunch for less than £5!!!

Notable options include:
Chicken Katsu Wrap ( my colleagues, ravenous young men, were hooked to the HUGE portions and tasty fried chicken filling – only £4.50 for the large including a bottle of water

Chicken Katsu Wrap

GIGA-normous chicken katsu wrap generously packed with yummy fried chicken and other fillings

Chicken satay – tasty marinated grilled chicken available as a wrap or with rice; they can be a little too generous with the sauce so let them know if you are not quite a sauce fiend

Other stalls include Indian, Carribean, Thai, Vegetarian, Chinese and Middle Eastern.  It is mostly a takeaway place but there are a couple of seats available if you want to soak up the atmosphere.

Jellied eels at Tubby Isaac's

Hmm…cold and slimey eels, not quite my thing!

Goulston Street is also home to a famous East End delicacy – jellied eels at Tubby Issacs.  Made by boiling fresh eels, the cooking process creates its own jelly which acts as a preservative, crucial before the advent of refrigerators.  I persuaded my colleagues to try them with me, unfortunately it was 3 votes down.  Not sure we liked the slimy and fishy taste too much!  Though it seems the stall has its regulars, some of whom in their eighties and nineties!

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