Gold Mine: feels like home…

Home, that is what Gold Mine can be described as.  Having lived away from home so many years, I have mostly lost my cravings for Singaporean foods.  And instead, I have cravings for a particular style of Cantonese that has seen Singaporean/Malaysian influences creep in through the often Malaysian-Chinese chefs.

Gold Mine is where we (Tummies and friends) know all the wait staff by name, where we know all the menu items and all the off-menu items by heart.  And every time we go, we always order what initially seems like too much food and there isn’t enough space on the table for all our food.  But invariably, we finish everything and make our to a second, sometimes even third, round.

Friends who share roast duck love

Friends who share roast duck love

This blog post is dedicated to all the friends who have shared the Gold Mine love with us, and there have been many over the years.  Especially to all the non-Asian friends who complain they don’t know what to order when they go there without us.  Now you just need to pull up this page on your iPhone and point them to the waiter and you will get the same yummy authentic food you get when you’re with us.  (blog readers -feel free to do the same, we guarantee it will be one of the best Chinese meals you will have in London)

Roast duck

Gold Mine’s signature dish – Roast duck

A bit of background about Gold Mine, it is an offshoot of Four Seasons which came about when the then-chef fell out with the owner and left to set up his own place.  Like Four Seasons, the signature dish is Roast Duck – the flesh is succulent with a crispy skin and a well-balanced sauce made with juices from the duck.  None of that starchy cloyingly-sweet sauce you get at lesser Chinese restaurants.

Trio of steamed egg

Sabby’s favourite dish – trio of steamed egg

And a special mention should also give to my favorite dish – trio of steamed egg.  A delicious savory steamed egg custard made from regular eggs, century eggs and salted duck’s egg. It is pure comfort food with some steamed white rice and it is amongst the dishes I would want to have at my last meal.  Enough said.

Gold Mine

(Clockwise, from top right) Stir-fried french beans with minced pork, pork chop in honey sauce, sweet and sour pork, braised pork belly with yam

photo (4)

(clockwise, from top left) Braised Japanese beancurd in claypot, stir-fried pea shoots, braised beef brisket, Gold Mine prawns with crispy topping

Rating: I am tempted to say 5 out of 5, but I am probably biased
Good for: dining with friends, casual meals, taking visiting Asian parents out

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2 Responses to Gold Mine: feels like home…

  1. Arianna says:

    Sabrina…do suggest I print all these images and preciously keep them in my pockets for next time I’ll be at Gold Mine without you or Ming (so I’ll know what to order)?

  2. nazia says:

    I am not quite sure what I am meant to be eating in Brazil when I crave GM duck. The flat world comes with its downsides!

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