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Roast chicken: imagining balmy summer nights in Provence

As the gentle but persistent grey drizzle goes on outside my window, I am trying my hardest not to think about summer, or rather the summer we are not having in England at the moment. To cheer myself up, I … Continue reading

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Bincho Yakitori: BBQ + booze can be such a winning combination

There are certain concepts that transcend cultures, like the idea of drinking while nibbling on small plates of savoury snacks. The idea being that you get hungry from the drinking, whilst the salt from the snacks makes you thirsty and … Continue reading

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Donostia: same same but different

I have mentioned my deep love of José before, probably on more than one occasion, probably anytime anyone mentions the word ‘tapas’ and probably too many times. But that’s how much I heart the place. So any other tapas restaurant … Continue reading

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Pimm’s jellies: jelly is not just for kids

My mum used to humour me as a kid and let me make grapefruit and vanilla jellies from scratch for her dinner party desserts. I know that all sounds a bit pretentious, but really, I just happened upon a recipe … Continue reading

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Foodie postcard: casual chic dining in Sydney, Australia

The Travelling Tummies have recently recruited a friend in Australia who has been sending us many pictures of her meals ever since she heard about our blog. Here’s a first postcard!  To keep it a little closer to home, we … Continue reading

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