Foodie postcard: casual chic dining in Sydney, Australia

The Travelling Tummies have recently recruited a friend in Australia who has been sending us many pictures of her meals ever since she heard about our blog.

Here’s a first postcard!  To keep it a little closer to home, we have pictures from Jamie’s Italian in Sydney.  That is sorta an odd combination isn’t it – Jamie Oliver (British) + Italian food + Australian location??!!  But then the doyen of Sydney casual chic dining, Bill Granger, has also upped sticks and set up shop in London, so it’s not such a bad thing after all this globalisation schnick-schnack?

And speaking of Granger who is also the king of Sydney brunch, Jun’s also sent pics from brunch at Bathers’ Pavillion at Balmoral Beach.

In spite of all the globalisation, I am assured the food is still yummy…so *drumroll* with love from Junny!

Jamie's Italian

(clockwise, from top left: Baked mushrooms (Jamie’s), Corned beef, spinach and corn hash, poached eggs and tomato hollandaise (Bather’s), Bucatini Carbonara (Jamie’s) , Baked polenta with Turkish kaşar cheese, sautéed okra and tomato (Bather’s))

P.s. Junny – if you’re reading this, I am still waiting for you to go to Tetsuya and Momofuku Down Under… 🙂

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