About Travelling Tummies

It’s not just about the food…

We’re friends who enjoy sharing good food.  We’re not food-obsessed, just enthusiastic about tasty treats and sharing the experience with loved ones and new friends.  Our other love is travel and our slogan could well be ‘will travel for food’ but someone beat us to the domain name!  We’ve schlepped to some far flung places to try some dubious and fabulous foods, and have been lucky enough to encounter some amazing eats on our travels.

So, just another food and travel blog?

Er, yes, but you do keep asking us where we ate, how we found it, how we cooked it and where to take your dates.  We’ll share this all with you here, as we trek across London, fly round the world and experiment with cuisines from round the globe…

* * *

Introducing the Tummies


The bigger of the two tummies, Ming is a Chinese girl from glamorous Watford.  Born in the Year of the Pig, it was inevitable that she’d be a greedy sort and hold all things porcine so dear to her heart. Often found travelling or trying her hand at something new, she’s decided that cooking for friends and sailing will stay in her repertoire, but tightrope walking and glass blowing will not.  She’s slowed down in her old age and no longer makes ice cream at 2am, but can still more often than not be found in the kitchen or with her nose in a cookbook.


Having grown up in Singapore, Sabby has a deep love for South East Asian flavours but has equal cravings for other flavours that she has encountered through her years in the UK and her travels.  Sabby is an intrepid traveler, having braved the back of a motorcycle for 12,269km from India to Germany (check out the website for her trip www.journey2dakar.com) but also has a very soft spot for luxury resorts (think Amanpuri).  She manages to combine her passions for food and travel by talking incessantly about food and making sure to sample the local cuisine no matter in the world she is (her boyfriend can testify to that!).

Say hello  to us at travellingtummies@gmail.com


2 Responses to About Travelling Tummies

  1. Marcus says:

    Nice site ladies!!!

  2. Ari says:

    I love it!!! What a great idea!! Please give me a ring whenever you need and extra tummy!
    Always happy to help :))

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