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Roast chicken: imagining balmy summer nights in Provence

As the gentle but persistent grey drizzle goes on outside my window, I am trying my hardest not to think about summer, or rather the summer we are not having in England at the moment. To cheer myself up, I … Continue reading

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Foodie postcard: casual chic dining in Sydney, Australia

The Travelling Tummies have recently recruited a friend in Australia who has been sending us many pictures of her meals ever since she heard about our blog. Here’s a first postcard!  To keep it a little closer to home, we … Continue reading

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Banana bread: revealing character flaws

Three things I am bad at: 1) following instructions 2) high-effort cooking (probably because it requires following many instructions) and 3) staying idle (not as bad as rhubarbgirl though, you won’t find me making ice-cream at 2am!). Recently I found … Continue reading

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Spring feast: braised little gems and peas with mint

It’s grey, cold and raining outside, certainly doesn’t feel like Spring at all.  L But I did manage to capture a great shot of proper Springtime London and keep referring to it longingly just to cheer myself up. Also to … Continue reading

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Recipe Test: Momofuku Pork Buns

Curiosity and greed finally got the better of me.  That, and the offer to use a friend’s new kitchen with, as one observer put it, “an island the size of a car!”. I decided to make the most of the … Continue reading

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In a pickle

Today I read about the Animal Inside Out exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Real, dead animals. Skin peeled back, muscles and capillaries exposed but perfectly preserved. Visceral stuff, and oddly fascinating to me.  It’s the animal equivalent of the famous … Continue reading

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Beef short ribs: more comfort food

Beef short ribs have finally hit this side of the Atlantic judging from the article in this week’s Times Magazine.  I first came across them in the lucques cookbook, where they are amongst the signature dishes of the Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Comfort daal for cold nights

Indian food was not one I grew up with because my mother never liked the smell of fenugreek.  Instead it was a flavour I learnt to love, I am embarrassed to admit,  through eating Chicken Tikka Masala ready-meals in the … Continue reading

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